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The Internet gives everyone connected the chance to voice their opinions - on this page, of course, the opinions are mostly mine. Some of these are on a few of the problems I, as a user, perceive to be either present or likely to happen with the 'net' in the future, others are personal or political and may be completely un-net related. (If you must know it - some of the boring personal stuff is at the bottom of the page)

I have made links to other sites that interest me Links to other sites. As a development of the Internet more political information will become available and as a believer in openness in government I fully support these initiatives and will be making links to sites of local political parties and individuals active in local government as well as other local sites covering political issues (in this instance 'local' means the North Dorset/Dorset area). The "Personal Rants and Raves" includes some poetry (good, bad or indifferent is up to you to judge) some poems are topical others political and a few personal or just for fun. Enjoy!

The net has opened the possibility of publishing their work, opinions, ideas to a wide variety of people and gives a chance to 'the silent majority' to break that silence - sometimes their views may be very different from what the media tells us is 'popular opinion'. This perhaps opens up the thorny question of whether popular opinion is that popular or just something orchestrated by the few publishers who control our media to justify their own opinions. The Internet gives is giving a voice to people to make known 'popular opinion' and might enable us to start forming our own opinions, rather than letting the 'few' who are influential in media publishing in this country publish their own views and foist them off as being 'public opinion'. In the context of a media which is owned by so few as the main media in Britain, 'public opinion' is not really such, but rather the 'publicly known opinion' of an exclusive few.

If you have an opinion you want to express why not publish your own site, but in the meantime you have your say on my guestbook - just keep it clean - this is a family friendly site (and I'm your number one prude)!

Ieke, mcij

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Boring personal stuff - Journalist since my teens - and if anyone thinks I'm going to say when they were - forget it! Suffice to say I'm as old as my tongue and a tad older than my teeth (and I still have all of 'em). Introduced to computers when Apple wasn't even a pip - some where when Noah was a boy type time! Worked with IBMs and clones for a while doing the odd bit of programming. Having used computers professionally have also been lucky enough to teach others to enjoy this technology. One project I am really proud of is that of being the first British editor to bring school pupils into a newspaper office to work alongside professionals - a real ego boost was when the kids won a national prize. Been surfing the net for some years now, but really got into it about four years back with web designing, though this is the first time I have got around to my own web page.
I am an Independent IT Consultant covering various aspects of business, mostly computer or technology related, Web Design, Computer Training and Telecommunications, as well as build and supply of computers. I can also also be persuaded to take on technical editing and authoring as well as general journalism.
Active member of the Association of Internet Professionals, an international association with a worldwide membership, which aims to bring professional standards and codes of practice to the Internet.
Have been a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists for many years, the CIJ is the oldest journalists organization. Pet Hates: Internet pages music, moving gifs, cookies, dark backgrounds and HUGE graphics- anything else that lets the design get in the way of what the writer wants to say! (call it writer's ego - this writers!).
Pet Likes: Reading, Cats, Dogs, Star Trek, SF, comparative religions, egyptology, Lebanese and Jewish cookery, crosswords and computer games. People who read this and think it would be nice to give me a contract to write copy for them! Ask me for a quote!

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