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Bang Goes the Millennium
You, Your Company and the Millennium Bug

Whether it was because of the numerous compliance procedures and fixes sold, cajoled or foisted on the computer using community most of the real scare stories seemed to die a death. There were a few incidents over the New Year involving airports and nuclear stations. There was a particularly worrying incident when Russia had to reassure the United States the missiles just fired were directed at a target in Chechnya. I would have thought whatever problems Y2K threw up it would not have made the watching satellites so navigationally challenged they could not tell whether a missile was targeted from Russia to the south (Chechnya) or to the west (Europe/USA). This perhaps raises the issue of other problems that might be inherent in the myriad of sattelites that have nothing to do with Y2K.

Having operated various computers, both PC and Apple before, during and since the New Year, I found very few problems arising in the PC's that were supposed to be Y2K compliant apart from one or two incidents where dates were incorrectly recognized in a couple of spreadsheets. The Apple's as expected showed no problems whatsoever, even my oldest Apple which is now a venerable 12 year old had no problems handling spreadsheets and date reliant data records correctly.

I will be leaving the various articles about the millennium bug on archive for some months as there might still be a few problems that raise their ugly heads, links to those articles are given above. They might be useful for those of you preparing for the next round of computer/date related problems that will start arriving as the various 'fix' programmes reach their 'year break date' set by the various algorithms used.

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