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Internet Marketing - the Why's and Wherefore's

The Why's - Why Internet
A look at the reasons for and against taking space on the Internet
The Wherefore's - Tips for your page
Some useful tips and hints on web page design do's and don'ts
Using your space
Ways to use commercial and personal space on the Internet
With the UK in Mind
A look at the Internet as a marketing tool with particular reference to the UK retail market

These articles include a few of the ideas and criteria I work to at Bearpit, other people will have other and equally valid views. If you are contemplating putting your company on the Internet have a surf around and view pages from other companies - watch for points such as content, design and particularly download time - don't feel constrained to copy slavishly what another company has produced. Above all for company pages it does pay to employ professionals - as you would for any other service.

Your page can say a lot about your company - good and bad -
remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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The Why's

Before you even think of anything else ask "Why the Internet?" -

You are on the right lines if you answer any of the following:

- Because the Internet is currently the fastest communication whether for e-mail, chat, news or, if you have a site, making information quickly available world wide about your company, its products and services.

- Because the Internet can help give small companies a level playing field in the marketplace.

- With more and more computers being used in businesses, homes, libraries and schools, many of YOUR potential clients surf the Internet - their high street is now in their office or front room - make sure you're where they're at!

Don't bother wasting time or money on the Internet if you are into spending money for no return, for example your reasons are along the lines of:

My/my friend's/my partner's son/daughter/wife/second cousin three times removed has finished their computer course, they have a computer and modem and have offered to put my company on the Internet for £xxx - even £10 is to much to pay for this type of service. Equally risky, unless you specialize in Internet design and sales, is the scenario of 'I, or my boss, have a computer and modem, etc. etc.' Would you put either your car, your business accounts or your teeth in the hands of someone with this level of experience and expertise?

Just because the Internet is a 'NEW' technology does not mean you change the rules when employing or contracting someone for the service. Think of your car, your teeth, your accounts - anyone you employ in these fields has to have either good qualifications or experience - the rules of engagement with the Internet are exactly the same. Granted there may not be specific 'Internet' qualifications, though it is hoped this will soon change, but there are individuals and companies around who have many years experience in design, copywriting, editing, computer typesetting, advertising, promotions and the many other skills which added together mean you can expect a professional service. They will be more than willing to give a synopsis of the skills experience of relevant staff - see Bearpit, ethika, merlin.
Ieke, mcij, maip
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