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Didn't get details of the site that started me on this and had a crash immediately after (cookie surfeit?) so couldn't find it again, but found one that makes up for the loss. Let me know any sites with 4 or more cookies so I can post them here - they may be get fewer visitors and be encouraged to cut back on nuisance cookie use. Can't think of an appropriate prize - perhaps mass flames to the winner of the week, suggestions welcomed.


Name: Evolution, Genes and Morality
Date: November 19, 1997
Number of Cookies: 21 - TWENTY ONE ! ! !
Suppose with a snappy title like that you need something to make people notice it - but 21 cookies - that's really OTT. This may take some beating, but there are plenty out there with more than 4 cookies being offered and some to make this one look positively bashful! - Good hunting.
Submitted by: Ieke -
home page:
(f you wish to keep your light under a bushel it could read: Submitted by: private)
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Rules of engagement are:
A site must offer 4 or more cookies when you try to download. Don't ask me why I decided on 4, I hate even getting one - suppose I thought the sad 'bs' had to have something to amuse themselves.

Cookies that don't count - those on sites where you have registered for entry e.g. e-mail collection sites, membership only areas or similar.

To make an entry in the league table send the following information

name of site:
date visited:
number of cookies:
Submitted by: your name and e-mail (I won't publish this without your okay), if you want to put your URL in as well I'll try to find room - particularly if you add a link to my site (a little blackmail always goes down well!).

e-mail the information to me ( or put on the guestbook (if you're shy there is a private button). I'll compile the table and post it on site on a weekly basis - or more frequently if it warrants.
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