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Human Interest

Did you hear him scream?
Did you see the shot?
Did you feel the flames?
Tell me, I'll tell the world.
Now let me have the story.
Was the pain bad?
Did it hurt very much?
Tell me, the people want to know.
Your family dead, how did it happen?
Just a bomb; nothing else?
Your sister wasn't pregnant,
There's nothing left to photograph.
Sorry, you'll have to come up with something better,
There's no human interest left in that.
Now you're hungry, cold and hurt.
Why that's just a scratch.
Not worth the film.
I'd better say good-bye,
There's a nasty riot somewhere else
The people want to read about.
Ask me round again,
Next time you have a war.

I wrote this about 1985, but it seems very topical now. But who makes the market? The seller or the consumer?

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